Thursday, 21 September 2017

Welcome Back - This Week At School (TWAS)

The first couple of weeks of school have been exciting. Last week, we started Classcraft! It's an educational role-playing game that focuses on teamwork. We're divided into teams of 4-6 people and we earn XP for doing good deeds. Bad choices can lead to real-world consequences and in-game lose of HP. When we get enough XP, we level up and get power points to unlock powers! These powers include being able to heal people when they lose HP, protecting our teammates, being able to sit somewhere else, choosing the music during class, and many more. It's so much fun!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Today In The Past (April 26)

Ever wonder what happened today in the past? Here are 6 things:
  1. 757 Stephen II ends his reign as Catholic Pope.
  2. 1514 Copernicus makes his first observations of Saturn.
  3. 1564 Shakespeare is baptized.
  4. 1607 The Brits establish a colony in Virginia.
  5. 1929 The 1st non-stop flight from England to India is completed.
  6. 1986 The world's worst nuclear disaster occurs at Chernobyl power plant.

So, guys, those were just 6 things in history that happened today (April 26)!

I'll be doing blogs every week or so.Can you add anything to the list?

❤️s from Kry!

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Top ten list of video games

Top ten list of video games 

10... Boomer Man 

9...Assassin's Creed - Black Flag 

8... Prodigy

7... The Walking Dead 

6... Motorcross Madness 


4... Call of Duty 

3... Math Reflex 

2... Assassin's Creed 

1...  Need for Speed 

Do you have a favourite game?

By Kobe

Top 10 Hockey Players

These are my Top 10 favourite hockey players.

#10...Scott Glennie

#9...Scott Kosmachuk 

#8...Sydney Crosby

#7...Dale Hawerchuk 

#6...Patrik Laine

#5...Teemu Selanne

#4...Gordie Howe

#3...Mario Lemieux

#2...Bobby Orr

and #1...Wayne Gretzky.

Which hockey player is your favourite?

by Kobe

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Spirit Week

Its Spirit Week at Stevenson Britannia from March 20 - 24. We will be enjoying some good Sabre spirit as well as raising money to support those who are fighting cancer.

Let's go Sabres!! #stevensonrocks



Every year, I am so amazed at how talented these guys are.

Hanging out with awesomeness = best job in the world!!

Mr. T.