Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Our Needs!

Fun, freedom, power, love, and survival are 5 things we need live. Every person has a main need. Ours were Power and Love. We learned this with Ruth Hargrave. She taught us everything about this we really enjoyed it.  We then drew out our hands  and stapled them to the BIG class hand! What do you think your main need is?
By Hannah & Nevaeh


Next month is reading month. The goal for reading month is to read as many books as possible. Some kids read a lot at school so I can't wait till they read even more. Let's see if you can read more than us.   By Bailey

House groups

Right now, we are selecting activities that we want to do in House Groups. In House Groups, we are getting to know the people that are in our group. You get to do fun activities. Last year in House Groups, it was so fun. I guarantee you will never get tired of it.
By Joseph

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Art Class

Last week or so we did really cool art. We did it with Qu-tips and paint. It looks really good. We really enjoy doing art. Do you?


For hydration week, we all have a water drinking goal. The grade Ks and 1s  are to drink 1-500ml bottle of water. The grade 2s and 3s goal is to drink 2-500 ml bottles of water and the grade 4s and 5s goal is 3-500ml bottles of water. So far, most of the students in Mr. Trembath's class are reaching their daily goals . Each day we reach our goal, we get a ticket that gets put into a draw. At the end of the week, someone will win a reusable water bottle. Hope you(we) have fun!


Monday, 11 January 2016

Wellness month

January is Wellness Month. In grade 4/5, we have to drink 3-500 ml water bottles each day. If we drink three, we get entered into a draw. The winner gets a reusable water bottle. We have pee charts that are going to be posted in the bathrooms. It tells us if we are hydrated or not.

Why not try the Hydration Challenge with us?

By Quinton & David